“Jamie has produced great results and helped me to go down a dress size without having to leave my house.”

Meera, 28

“Jamie makes exercise so simple and straightforward. He comes to my house, which saves me time and effort.”

Richard, 38

“I met Jamie at my local gym through my husband. He provided fantastic advice on healthy eating and I noticed a difference in my fitness rapidly.”

Diane, 42

“I could only dream of doing full press ups a few months ago before starting personal training”

Natalie, 31

“Weighing in at close to 11 stone and having not exercised for over 20 years, I was ready to make some changes. Five months on I am under 10 stone and feel much better in myself. One of may best afternoon’s work was finding Jamie’s website and making that initial call.”

Maria, age 53
“I have been training with Jamie for 4 years now and keep on coming back every week – so he is doing something right!   Training sessions are never easy but Jamie makes them worthwhile / challenging / different by adapting each training session to meet my needs”


Eddie, age 50